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About Us

Michelle R. Finn ,RHIA, C.H.R.S., MVA, TCE,  is the President and CEO of Finness Integrated National Network Systems and can be your silent partner in your business. She will assist you with the day to day tasking's so you can be free to think and grow your business or to go about your personal life with more time for family and friends. Although you may never see her or meet her you know she is there working right along side you. We only get so much time per day- why not add Michelle to your business and use your time how you need and want.

By hiring a Virtual Assistant, like Michelle, you get all of the benefits of having a trusted employee and friend without the usual expenses or situations that payrolled employees bring. Michelle's enthusiasm, drive and determination to make you the best business you can be will put you among the cream of the crop in your field. Don't waste time and money trying to handle all of the simple, sometimes boring, tasks by yourself hire a Virtual Assistant-- why not hire Michelle! Take a look at all of the services that Finness Integrated National Network Systems offers. 

Just to name a few of the services that Michelle can offer your company, service or personal life a variety of areas she possess's expertise from data entry, customer service, Search Engine Optimization, telephone and mail and answering services...

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