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                                                        Medical and Dental

        Dental/Medical/Physician's Office Coding with ICD-9-CM and CPT 

      Oral/Medical/Physician's Office Transcription 

         Dental/Medical/Physician's Office Billing


 Pre-certification, pre-authorization, prior authorization, referral, insurance appeals   

 HIPAA Consulting

         EHR/EMR Consulting     

 Credentialing and application  completion process

Investment Services

Free Silver

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       Investing in Stocks

  Trading Options-ETF's, Calls and Puts Forex Trading

Bereavement Services 

Advance Directives


Estate Plans


LLC and Corporation establishment and yearly minute reporting

Title Transfer Services

  Executor/Executrix Services

Contacting all necessary agencies to get an estate settled

Mobile Notary

Personal Assistant Services

Personal Care help clients with activities of daily living (ADL) including: getting in and out of bed, walking, bathing, toileting, dressing, medication reminders, appointment scheduling, answering the phone and door, handling mail, reading, companionship and more.

Meal Preparation
 prepare nutritionally sound meals and help with grocery shopping as necessary

Light Housekeeping
 is meant to keep the home orderly through changing linens, making beds, dusting, vacu
uming, handling laundry, watering plants, disposal of garbage and more.

 provide one-on-one support, including escorts to medical and other personal appointments.

Respite Care
 gives family caregivers an opportunity to spend time away from their loved one(s) with the confidence that a trained professional is administering care in their absence.

 transport clients to doctors, hair appointments, grocery shopping, and other miscellaneous errands.

Stand By and Assist 
If our clients have problems walking or just need a little assistance, our caregivers are there to help out. We will stand by clients and assist them around the house or on their errands.

24 Hour Care
 can provide adult and pediatric care up to 24 hours a day for clients that are in need of round-the-clock care.

Internet Services

Website Design

Internet Research, Consultation


                Search Engine Submissions

                Directory & Niche Directory Submissions

                Keyword Analysis

               Competition Analysis

                Press Release Submissions

                Article Submissions

            Blog Submissions

               Organic Link Building



Secretarial, Travel Arrangements, E-mail Service, Remote Answering of Telephone, Personalized Invoices,  Sending of invoices,  Billing and much more












































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